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Compliance with California Proposition 65

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Installation Information

GMCraft Installation

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Roofing Felt Installation

GMC Roofing and Building Paper Products, Inc. recommends the Installation Methods established by the Tile Roofing Institute and adopoted by the Western States Roofing Contractors Association. GMC also recommends installation instructions provided by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association).

Installation Instructions for Single and Double Underlayment

General Installation Instructions


Safety Data Sheets


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Florida Building Code Approved products:

Saturated Felt

GAP 30D 4869FL # 2894.4N/A
ASTM 15D 226 Type IFL # 2894.5Yes
ASTM 30D 226 Type IIFL # 2894.6Yes
GMC 30 FeltType IIFL # 15822.1N/A
GMC 15 and 30 ASTM FeltD 226 Type I and Type IIFL # 15824.1Yes


Roll Roofing

GMC Tile UnderlaymentD 6380 M Type IIFL # 16203Yes
Tile UnderlaymentD 6380 Type IIFL # 2894.2N/A
90# MSR Slate FiberglassD 3909FL # 14140.1Yes
Base Sheet #43 OrganicD 2626-04FL # 14449.1Yes
G2 Fiberglass Base SheetD 4601 Type IIFL # 2894.1N/A


Warranty Forms:

GMC Warranty Submittal

Double Coverage Warranty Information For the Following Products:

ASTM 30 Single ply warranty
ASTM 30 2ply warranty
GBS 40 Single ply warranty
GBS 40 2ply warranty
OBS 40 Single ply warranty
OBS 40 Double ply warranty