Physical Description

GMCraft is asphalt saturated building paper, which is designed for installation behind stucco or other exterior wall claddings as a secondary barrier.  GMCraft is a “weather-resistive barrier” as described in Section 1404.2 of the 2000 International Building Code® (IBC) and also qualifies as a “weather-resistive sheathing” as described in Section R703 of the 2000 International Residential Code TM (IRC). All forms of GMCraft exceed the standards set in Federal Specification UU-B-790a, Type 1, Grade “D”, Style 2, in accordance with Section 1402.1 of the 1997 Uniform Building Material Code (and subsequent editions). GMCraft has maintained an ICC Evaluation Report, ESR – 2376 since October of 2009. GMC conducts ongoing testing of its GMCraft products to ensure that they meet or exceed industry standards including ASTM D-779, ASTM D-828 and ASTM E-96.

GMCraft 10

GMCraft 10 Single covers 324 SF (Roll Size: 40″ x 98 lineal feet).

GMCraft 10 Double covers 162 SF (Roll Size: 40″ x 49 lineal feet).

Download the GMCraft 10 Data Sheet

GMCraft 30

GMCraft 30 Single covers 324 SF (Roll Size: 40″ x 98 lineal feet).

(also available in 2 layers and 1/2 length)

Download the GMCraft 30 Data Sheet

GMCraft 60

GMCraft 60 Single covers 240 SF (Roll Size: 40″ x 72 lineal feet).

GMCraft 60 Double covers 162 SF (Roll Size: 40″ x 49 lineal ft – 2 layers).

Download the GMCraft 60 Data Sheet

GMCraft 60/30

GMCraft 60/30 (1 layer each – not glued).

Download the GMCraft 60/30 Data Sheet

ProductRoll WidthRoll LengthRolls Per PalletPallets Per Truck*
GMCraft (10) 32440"98'14428
GMCraft (10) 324 DW40"49'14428
GMCraft (10) 50040"150'10028
GMCraft (10) 500 DW40"75'10028
GMCraft (60)40"72'14424
GMCraft (60) DW40"49'10024
*pallets per truck may vary due to the product mix.

Red Rosin

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